Saturday, September 22, 2018

Pilgrimage--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Monday, June 24

     I watched a video on finding your soulmate that Yosef recommended. Here’s what it said.

     —Relationships provide us with opportunities to create unity with others and transform ourselves.
     —We need to go beyond our five senses when choosing someone. How does this person carry himself in the world? Is there passion, excitement? Is there only imagination or is there consciousness for achievement?
     —Don’t look at the potential of a person, look at what is.
     —Falling in love fades. True love is the byproduct of work. 
     —We don’t get our soulmates each lifetime but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a relationship. Our relationship should help us grow and achieve our divine purpose. If the other person is not where we are spiritually, that needs to be addressed. It will not go away. Our relationships exist to move us along. They are not there to provide comfortable complacency.
     —A true soulmate is a very difficult relationship. We are brought together to really work something through. The sign of a true soulmate is that it feels like a virtual ocean has been or must be crossed to be with that person. How is it possible that I should be with this person?
     —A soulmate relationship moves us to a higher spiritual goal.
     —Being physically together is not the glue. Being apart shouldn’t matter. You should still be fueling each other to grow, develop, and strengthen the partnership.
     —The relationship should help build unity in all other relationships, not create distance and selfishness for the love relationship.
     —A falling-in-love relationship can be like a drug. It may briefly fulfill you in one area but not long term. And it hurts other areas of your life.
     —Have no expectations or conditions on the other person. When we have expectations, we give our power away to the other person. We put ourselves in the backseat and hope the other person will drive where we want to go.
     —Don’t look for someone to complete you. Soulmates have the same work to do. We help each other transform. We don’t look for someone to do the work for us.
     —No matter what, we are the cause. Even if we have a signed agreement with someone and that person doesn’t live up to it, we created the space for that to happen. We are not victims. We have choices about how to deal with situations.
     —Always be giving. Give because it elevates our consciousness. We’re not to keep track of how much we give and how little the other person gives. There are right ways to give and wrong ways to give. But give because it makes us grow.
     —A physical relationship develops as the result of a spiritual connection. You do the work before getting physical. You know it will work before getting physical. Most people start with the physical and think everything should work out. No. You put the work in first and see what’s there.

     I sat for a long time letting that sink in. Then I checked email.

     “I'm not supposed to share these emails, but I would love for you to join me the weekend of August 30 to share this experience,” Lila wrote. “I CAN'T WAIT to see you in a couple of weeks!!”

     Below, Lila forwarded this.

     Dearest Devine Friends:

     Warm and loving greetings to you from the Auspicious Tour Department. We hope all of you are well, enjoying the start to summer, and each day feeling more and more committed to your spiritual paths!

     We are happy to announce that our Beloved Master Shaman, Don Pedro, will be returning in late August for the Fall Pilgrimage, and you are all cordially invited to participate in the Sacred Ceremonies and Pujas that he will be sharing with us during this time. 

     Ceremonies will be taking place on August 30th, August 31st, September 13th, September 14th, September 20th and September 21st, and space for each of these is available by pre-registration only. Pujas will be taking place daily throughout the Pilgrimage, and are open to the community.  

     Many of you have already partaken in Sacred Ceremony and Puja with Don Pedro, and have experienced his grace, love and inspiration of the Divine. Having Don Pedro join us again in our community is a blessing and an opportunity to keep advancing in our spiritual paths. Our Beloved Shaman, his Sacred Medicine, and the prayerful devotion he shares during Puja are a great support in the eternal quest for self realization.

     Those of you who are new to this work, we invite you to join us in this transformational and profound experience.  Please read everything carefully, and let us know any questions that may arise.

     Please note, each Sacred Ceremony does not end until the following morning upon completion of the integration circle and lovingly prepared breakfast. Your commitment to stay through until after breakfast is mandatory. In this way, you will receive the most profound benefits from the retreat, ensuring a good integration, and a good work for you and for the rest of the participants. Don Pedro will continue sharing a Divine vibration throughout all this time, so we can take advantage of this precious opportunity!

     Accommodations: You are welcome to sleep in the ceremony space at no additional cost.  Private accommodations are available at an additional cost.  For those who would like to camp on the land, we are asking for a donation of $5-10/night. Single dorm rooms, for $48/night, are available on a limited first come/first serve basis. There are also Private cottages starting at $350/weekend, and if interested, we will assist you to make this reservation.

     Yours in very loving service,
     Auspicious Tour Department

     “I want to do the pilgrimage,” I emailed Lila. “Give them my information.”

     “You won't believe how wonderful Don Pedro is!” Lila responded.

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