Saturday, September 8, 2018

Father's Day--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Sunday, June 16

     I woke up feeling angry and heartbroken for Blake. The picture of JB standing feet away avoiding him was cemented in my head. I snatched my phone.

     “It's Father's Day,” I texted JB. “You didn't walk over and say hi to Blake last night.

     “I am we’ll (sic) aware it's Father's Day,” JB texted. “You think i didnt (sic) want to say hi to Blake? I was afraid he'd tell me to go to hell. I decided to focus on Tom, it was his night.”


     “Ok I was scared of being rejected to my face. And I wish I had said hello. If that makes me a coward, fine, I'm a coward. And please don't mention Father's Day unless its to wish me a sincere happy Father's Day. Otherwise I'd just rather you said nothing. It's a tough enough day for me as it is.”

     I seethed and let my thoughts and feelings tear me up until I decided I didn’t want to waste one more unit of energy on JB and started cleaning the house. At one o’clock, as arranged, Tom walked through the door. I started wondering, why didn’t JB keep Tom all day and spend Father’s Day with him? Did he have a date with some child-free divorcee that took precedence over Tom? I started shaking. I began jumping around hoping to rid myself of my rage and began texting "Happy Father's Day" to my guy friends.

     “Thanks,” Golf Guy texted back. “Maybe I can watch you hit some balls this week at Deerfield.”

     “Cool. What days are good?”

     “So far thurs (sic) looks best.”

     “Got a time preference?”

     “3 or 4?”

     “Three is good. Looking forward to it. The pressure is on. Hope I don't totally suck.”

     “You better not.”

     I started making dinner. My text alert dinged.

     “If I were to ask Blake to meet me to talk would you be willing to encourage him to do so?” JB texted.

     “I've never discouraged it,” I responded. “Good luck with that.”

     “Ok, thanks. Ill (sic) try and see what happens. By the way (sic) for Mother's Day I gave Tom $20 to buy you a card and a gift, which he tells me he did. It would have meant a lot to me if you had returned the favor. This isn't meant as dig (sic) so please don't come back at me with both barrels. I'm just asking for enough of a thawing so we can exchange these basic courtesies. I think we'll all be happier as a result.”

     A short time later, JB texted again. “I texted Blake asking him to meet for coffee on Friday. I know he makes his own decisions, but I do think he'll at least listen to you. If it's in your heart to encourage him to meet me, Id (sic) be grateful. I don't want to be estranged from him for the rest of my life.”

     I walked into Blake’s room. “Your father said he asked you to meet him for coffee.”
     “I’m not going. Why should I?”
     “He feels bad he didn’t come over and talk to you last night. He knows he fucked up.”
     “Yeah, I know. He’s been texting me. I’m not texting him. Did you say something to him? Is that why he’s texting me?”
     “Well,” I said taking a deep breath.
     Blake laughed sarcastically. “Thought so. If he really wanted to talk to me, he’d call. Why doesn’t he pick up the fucking phone?”

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