Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hot--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Friday, June 28

     My cousin, Cindy, rode with the boys and me to Edie’s cemetery funeral. Edie’s pastor and three people from her church were the only ones there besides my mom, my aunts Lori and Tess, and another cousin. Edie’s two daughters didn’t come. It was warm, sunny, and we stood under a shady tree next to Edie’s casket. It was sadly beautiful.

     “How are u?” Golf Guy texted while we were at the luncheon.

     “Gorgeous day. You've got to be loving it. Crazy busy?”

     “Not crazy today, left a little bit ago, now running errands.”

     “Gotta run errands too. Typical I leave stuff till last minute.

     “We are the same...but you are way hotter.”

     ‘I think you're hot.”

     “I think you need glasses, but thanks.”
     I’d planned to leave for Minocqua today but will leave tomorrow instead. Blake invited his friend, Chad, to vacation with us, and those two are headed up today.

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