Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Flying Apart--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Monday, March 25

     JB dropped off Tom and handed me the signed divorce papers. I walked into the house and sat on my couch. I felt weird, disoriented, and numb. I took the papers out of the envelope and signed them. I faxed them to my attorney.
     It was freezing, cloudy, and dreary on Tom’s first day of spring break. I picked up Rachel’s son, Sean, to take the boys to the archery range. Forgetting I’d pulled up to a large crusty snow mass turned to ice, I drove forward and ripped off my front bumper.
     As the boys shot arrows, I got a call from Lake Forest Hospital telling me I needed another mammogram and an ultrasound of my left breast. An abnormality had shown up. Rattled, I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday. I felt like I was flying apart.

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