Saturday, August 25, 2018

Finesse Things--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Monday, June 10

     “………..aaaarrrgghhh…..just saw this ……” Bling-Bling emailed.
     “Well it (sic) too late …on the Announcement (sic)….I waited until I talked with you and put out a bunch… 10 yesterday.
     “The flier only promoted YOU and it did not have a coupon or info on how to buy the book………    I am actually at my office and have apt …in a bit….I have several thoughts running through my mind.
     “#1 is that a lot of people have come to recovery because of your shared story………I would be glad to humble myself in front of the BIG group you will have and take responsibility for the……..PROMOTIONAL….announcement………    I don’t know what to else to say……..can we talk?”

     My phone rang and it was Bling-Bling. “You okayed the flier Saturday night so I put it out Sunday.”
     “No,” I said. “You put it out Saturday morning well before we spoke that night. And I didn’t okay it.”
     “I didn’t put it out until Sunday.”
     “You told me Saturday night that you’d put the fliers out that morning, made an announcement, and specifically left fliers for the weekend women’s meetings. I never okayed it.”
     “Well it’s too late now. I’ll make an announcement before you speak. I can finesse things. I’m great at that.”
     I pictured Bling-Bling with his thick pompador, gold chains swinging, arms flying, finessing things.
     “No,” I said. “You have time to find someone else.”
     “It’ll be fine Brenda. I will finesse this thing. Don’t worry about it.”
     “I’m giving you plenty of time to lineup someone else. I’m not speaking.”
     “I do a lot for the clubhouse,” Bling-Bling said. “I’ve taken on a lot of responsibility over there that takes away from my business. I don’t have time for this. Do you know the history of the Sunday meeting, why I took it over?”
     “So you know a lot of women had a problem with what was going on, and you’ve helped a lot of women. You will help a lot of women.”
     “I’m sorry you’re in this position, but you need to get someone else to speak.”
      Tanya called. “Those fliers were everywhere this morning. I think I got them all.” She started laughing. “There was a typo. Maybe I won’t tell you what it is. See if you spot it.”
     “Just tell me.”
     “Okay. I’ll read it. ‘Excerpt from Brenda Wilhelmson’s memoir, “Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife.” Hear the real story,’ and he spelled story wrong.”
     I groaned.
     “Yeah, there’s more. ‘Our own Brenda W. Bring a friend.’ Then there’s a picture of the cover of your book and underneath are all these quotes. I’m not sure how or why he chose them.”
     “Thanks for grabbing them.”
     “They’re really yucky. I’m saving them for you. They’re in my car. I’ll give them to you tomorrow.”
     “Can’t wait.”

     I went back to my email and saw Bling-Bling had sent another.

     “I understand your position—an d (sic) you are right….we did not talk until….and I did announce that Dave was our speaker 6/9  and Brenda was speaking 6/16…at the 8;30 (sic) am Sat….my home group. 
     “My apology….you had NOT given me permission to use an announcement!!”

     Or fliers.

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