Tuesday, October 3, 2017

That Would Disgust Me

Thursday, February 28

     My friend George told me at dinner he doesn’t remember most of his childhood. His mother tried to commit suicide and he found her sitting in her car with the motor running. He pulled her out of the car and called 911.
     George and I met in recovery about five years ago. That’s about how long we’ve been discussing our unhappy marriages. George and his wife of twenty-four years separated six months ago, and about that time he told me he was considering going on Ashley Madison.
     “I hadn’t slept with Sally in eight years,” George said. “I had sex with a few women before the separation, but it was empty. I felt lousy afterward.”
     “Did you ever go on Ashley Madison?” I asked.
     “I made a date,” he said. “But I cancelled it. I couldn’t bring myself to do something that would disgust me.”

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