Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stick My Fingers In My Ears And Sing

Saturday, March 2

     Kent and I had breakfast. He told me he has feelings for me. He said I’ve been on his mind since JB and I separated. He said he played it through in his head but realized it would be a mistake to start up with me.
     I wanted to stick my fingers in my ears and sing.
     “I have a need to know I’m still attractive to women,” Kent said.
     “So did JB,” I said. “George and I had dinner Thursday.”
     Kent looked jealous.
     “George told me he was thinking about going on Ashley Madison last summer. He said he arranged a hookup but couldn’t go through with it.”
     “He talked to me about that, too,” Kent said. “Things got ugly when he backed out of that deal.”
     “JB said his first couple of times were bad, but he kept at it.” 
     “True addict behavior.”

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