Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Express Your Anger--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Thursday, December 13

     “Good morning,”JB emailed. “Hope you're doing ok. When would you like me to come by tomorrow night? Thought I'd take the boys out for pizza or something. 
     “Troy and Pris have said I can stay as long as I like, but that doesn't mean forever. Pris has lost most of her work hours and is job hunting so perhaps if I offer to chip in a little rent I can stretch it out there for a while. Sooner or later I will need a place, hopefully suitable for the kids to visit. 
     “I am sorry for everything. I know ‘everything’ is a long, long list. I love you and miss you and the kids terribly.”

     I stared at the email on my phone then whipped it into my purse. I drove Tom to school, taught yoga, rode my horse, then Blake and I hit golfballs at the driving range. Tom went to a friend’s house after school and was invited for dinner, so Blake and I went out for Indian.
     “You’re handling this really well Mom,” Blake said, stuffing his mouth with dal makhani. “You’re going to be great. I can tell.”
     “It helps having you around,” I said. “How are you feeling about all this?”
     Blake shrugged. “I’m okay. I don’t think it’s really sunk in. I don’t know.” His phone vibrated. He pulled it out of his pocket. “Dad,” He sighed disgustedly. “I don’t feel like answering him.” He shoved his phone back in his pocket.
     I dropped Blake off at home and he hopped in his car to go see his friends. I drove to get Tom and waited for him in the driveway.

     “Did Blake say how finals went?” JB texted. “He's not answering my texts.”

     I ignored him.

     “Can you ever forgive me?” JB texted again. “I've lost everything and the hardest thing about that is knowing I deserve it. I would do anything for a chance at redemption.”

     “About the buyout money,” I texted. “Would you ask Stephen to email the total sum he owes us and forward it to me?”

     Stephen used to own the company JB works for. He’s supposed to send our share of the buyout money monthly, but JB often told me Stephen was short or skipped payments.

     “I'd rather you told me how you felt,” JB texted back. “Your communication has been very calculated and lawyerly. Express your anger or your hurt or your violation or sense of betrayal. Let's talk. I'll sit there and take it; I know I deserve it.”


  1. "Let's talk." ??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ?

    I'm posting as anonymous but my real name is Been There. So of course i find the story interesting, but WAY beyond that I want to tell you how much i admire your craft,.. your chops as a writer. This book is a work of Art. It is SO beautifully written and SO well constructed. And told with such power, such irony,... with such Art ! that sometimes i forget I am reading a book. You are a VERY talented writer. And thank you for sharing your talents with the world because you are making that world a better place for it. You are helping us ALL heal and learn and understand each other and ourselves. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Thank you. I found out how to buy your first book from Amazon.com
      it is at

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    3. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm blown away. Blessings my friend. Big hug.

  2. Great! Thanks! Did you buy it? LOL. FYI, the Amazon link on Anonymous' post can be copied and pasted. Thanks again Anonymous. :)