Saturday, February 18, 2017

Consider Paying Someone To Kill Me--"Thank You Ashely Madison" excerpt

Monday, December 10

      I steeled myself and checked email.

     “I wanted to share this with you as a draft,” JB wrote. Take a look at each of the tabs.
     “I know you will want documentation for everything. I will provide it. 
     “You should look at all these numbers and if you have better information (particularly around monthly household expenses), then just plug in the numbers and the totals will adjust automatically. Then we can take another look at what our options are.
     “Once you take a look at the life insurance totals you might consider paying someone to kill me and make it look like an accident.
     “As I have mentioned before, one option available to us is to reduce the 401K set aside to free up some more cash. I would only want to look at that as a short term plan to reduce debt and/or build up a cash reserve. I don't want to get too far behind on our retirement savings. I think the best approach to the debt is to retire the smaller balances first, then address the larger balances.
     “As for my budget. My suggestion is we agree on a number and you write me a check every month, or one every 2 weeks. Once we agree on that I can give you back the debit card. 
     “Anyway, take a look and take your time with it. I owe you the other thing I promised in my text last night. I will get it to you asap. I want to put some thought into it.
     “Sorry for all my desperate texts and emails. I know very well that they are falling on deaf ears. Just know my feelings of remorse and regret for all I have done are very, very real, as is my intense yearning for you and the kids, hell even for the dogs. I am determined to make this right. I know it's a long-term project. 
     “I love and miss you,

     I looked at the spreadsheet. JB’s not $11,000 in debt, he’s $27,454 in debt. I stared at my computer. I felt dizzy, nauseated. The tone of JB’s email left me stunned and numb. He thinks this will blow over. He believes I’ll tidy up his mess and stick it out. And he’s getting ready to dump more shit on me.

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