Saturday, May 5, 2018

Strive To Be Happy--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Wednesday, May 8

     I checked my phone before rolling out of bed, something I keep telling myself not to do, but I keep starting my day in the grind.

     “Tom is complaining of a sore throat and upset stomach,” JB texted. “He has not thrown up or anything, but seems lethargic. I’m having him take a shower and then I need to decide whether to take him to school. I kept him off sweet, spicy, and dairy through the weekend but eased up starting Monday and let him have dairy again.”

     “I’ve said everything I can about his diet.”

     “I just want to keep you informed. I’ll make a decision and let you know. I’d like to avoid him missing more school.”

     “This is happening every Wednesday like clockwork. Tom has voice at six. Try not to miss it.”

     “I am going to keep him home. I really don’t want to—I will drag him to voice if I have to. He seems sick but I just don’t know. Tom is working on his social studies report. I think he will be well enough to go to voice and I told him he is going.”

     It was sunny and eighty degrees. I hopped on BlackJack and we hit the trail for two-and-a-half hours. As usual, BlackJack was edgy, spooky, and looking for anything that might kill him. He jumped, tried to bolt, spun, but we had some nice canters in between. I let BlackJack graze at the end of our ride and texted Golf Guy.

     “Had to ride. Sorry I didn’t come to the range. Hope you’re having a great day.”

     “How was riding?”

     “Good. I’m going to hit balls with Blake later. I’ll let you know how that goes.”

     “Hey,” JB texted. “Tom went back to bed and now won’t get up to shower and get ready for voice. Pulling my hair out. He’s either too sick to go or faking really well. He seemed better earlier.”

     I called Tom. “What’s going on Sweetie?”
     “I don’t feel good.”
     “The doctor said you should go to school, do your activities, stay on that special diet to give your gut a rest. Go to your voice lesson Sweetie.”
     “But I don’t feel good.”
     “Are you drinking a lot of water?”
     “Please be more careful about what you eat. Please go to voice. It feels good to sing. You’ve missed a lot of lessons. I love you Sweetie. I’ll see you tomorrow. Put your dad on the phone.”
     “Hello?” JB said.
     “Take Tom to voice. Have you actually seen him vomit?”
     “Me either.”

     “Now coaching baseball game,” Golf Guy texted. “Then spring sing at my 4th grader’s school. What are you up to tonight?”

     “Writing. Blew it off earlier to ride. Making dinner now. Gotta say, I was not a fan of the spring sing. Neither were my boys.”

     “Same and same.”

     “Well,” JB texted, “I dragged him here to his voice lesson. But not sure I should have. He’s not feeling well.”

     “Do you want to bring him to me?” I texted.

     “No. He’s doing a little better now. Let’s stick with tomorrow. I’ll call in the a.m. if he’s not fit to go to school. I think he should be. Then you pick him up from school. It’s been nice having him. Was just worried about him today.”

     “What did you make for dinner?” Golf Guy texted.

     “My friend gave me a pot of incredibly good bean soup. Had that with quinoa and a salad. How was the sing?”

     “Boring and off-key.”

     “That’s the sing I know.”

     I checked email.

     “So, has the golf pro started working on ‘turning your hips’ in the swing? :-)” Dick emailed. “It was good talking with you. Strive to be happy and everything else will work out.”

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