Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bugging You--"Thank You Ashley Madison" excerpt

Saturday, January 26

     Tom and I were supposed to go to a huge indoor trampoline park with Mikey and Ruby but I cancelled. I caught Tom lying to me about his schoolwork, and his grades still suck. I pulled out a board game after dinner, “The Game of Life,” and Tom and I began playing.
     “What do you think of your social worker?” I asked.
     Tom shrugged. “He seems pretty nice.”
     “Do you feel comfortable talking to him?”
     “I guess.”
     “His parents got divorced when he was your age. You know that?”
     “Yeah, he told me.”
     “When I get angry or upset, I talk to my friends, in particular ones who’ve gone through what I have. It helps. Do you talk to your friends, kids whose parents are divorced?”
     “Yeah, but they don’t say much. Their parents got divorced when they were younger. All they say is sorry.”
     “Can you talk to the social worker?”
     “That’s what he’s there for. Tell him stuff that’s bugging you. You can talk to me. But sometimes I’m probably the one bugging you. You could talk to Ryan about me.”
     Tom laughed. “I can always talk to Blake.”
    “Yeah, you can do that, too.”

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