Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Presence--"Thank You Ashley Madison" except

Monday, January 21

     Tom was off school for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. He said his stomach hurt and he felt like throwing up. I suspected he’d ingested bird-shit snow. Tom and I watched an excellent but depressing claymation movie called “Mary & Max.” It was about an overweight Australian girl and a middle aged New York man with Asbergers. They were pen-pals and each other’s only friend. It was perfect for my frame of mind.

Tuesday, January 22 

     Tom was still sick and I kept him home from school.

     “Does Tom have any interest in this?” JB emailed. 

     JB had forwarded an email from Tom’s school about a sixth grade party that was on the weekend of JB’s fiftieth birthday. JB wanted Tom that weekend.

     “He wants to go. I just haven't signed him up because his grades have been poor. I've been using it as a carrot. Talk to Tom about it.”

     “OK,” JB replied. “I've been in touch with his studio 1 teacher and she's given me the info to get on PowerSchool. I just looked at Tom's grades. They have slipped. I'll talk to him. I will see you tomorrow at his conference. I know it will be difficult for you to be in my presence, but we'll both be focused on what's going on with him at school. We need to keep lines of communication open on things like this, and I appreciate you doing so. Have a good day.”

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